University City Stamped Concrete

University City Stamped Concrete

This patio is stamped with flagstone pattern with stamped brick border. This stamped concrete project
was a labor of love and we enjoyed educating the clients on all of their options.


Samples of Stamped Concrete

Ladue Pool Deck

This is a 2400 square foot stamped pool deck located in Ladue. The stamp is slate textured with a base color of semi-white. Three colors of release were used; bone,cream and arena buff.

Pull top expansion joints were inserted and filled with a limestone colored polyurethane sealant. An acrylic cure and seal was applied to the final product. Approximate time for completion of a project of this nature is two weeks.

Geyer Blue Stone

This is a 900 square foot patio in Kirkwood.  The finish is Stamped Blue Stone.  Sandstone is the base color of the concrete with a variety of release tones to accent the detailed stone finish.  Saw cut control joints and pull top expansion joints were caulked with a bronze sealant.  An acrylic sealer was applied at the completion of the project.  Approximate time from start to finish for this project was one week.