D&B Concrete provides maintenance services for all types of concrete.  Protective Maintenance measures can be performed on newly poured concrete or older concrete to help its appearance and longevity.  Once concrete has been poured and fully cured water becomes a nuisance speeding up the decay process.  The more water you can keep out of the concrete the better.  It is recommended that the concrete receive a coat of sealer as soon as possible after it has been poured.  This helps seal up the concrete not allowing water or stains to penetrate it.  If the concrete is older, it is recommended to have it power washed to help remove stains and embedded dirt before the sealer is applied.  Also recommended, is having any cracks, grooves, and expansion joints caulked to help keep the water from running under the slabs.  D&B is happy to maintain your concrete, protecting your  investment for continued use and enjoyment for years to come.