Being a small, family-owned business gives D&B Concrete an edge and a better advantage to be exceptionally responsive to our customers’ needs. We have a greater opportunity to earn our customers’ respect, confidence and trust through effective and successful concrete practices driven by hard work, integrity, teamwork and enthusiasm for each concrete project that we do. We treat each project as if it was our only project. No job is too large or too small.


Mission Statement:

D&B Concrete is committed to meet and exceed our customer’s goals and expectations and to foster strong, long-term partnerships by delivering the type of results our customers want and deserve through high-quality workmanship, keen attention to detail, diligent hard work and unprecedented performance by every member of our D&B concrete team. These standards and core values have been the hallmarks of D&B Concrete since it was founded by Dale Jones, and they remain the foundation upon which we continue to build our success today.

Vision Statement:

D&B Concrete’s vision for the future is to continue growing and expanding our business and customer base by providing dependable, conscientious, thorough and honest top-quality concrete service to our customers. We will continue to be unwavering in our dedication and commitment to building long-term relationships based on integrity, outstanding performance, fair market value and customer satisfaction. We will remain steadfast in our efforts to continue to be renowned for our integrity, core values, strong work ethics and pride in our workmanship.

Code of Conduct:

With a strong commitment to being a successful business for years to come, D&B Concrete recognizes the importance of establishing and maintaining the following professional code of conduct practiced by everyone on D&B Concrete’s team:

  • Recognize and respect our customers and value their time by striving to conduct our business in a manner so as to not waste any of it. We will treat our customers with the kindness, care and utmost esteem that they deserve and show our appreciation to them for the opportunity and trust they have given to our company and crew.
  • Set the highest standards and provide the time needed to ensure each project achieves these high standards to the satisfaction of the customer and their needs. We will maintain mutually convenient and meaningful schedules with all of our customers, showing up and leaving when we say we will.
  • Offer our customers our guidance, advice and expertise when requested, to help them realize their concrete goals and help them get the most value for their investment. We will also partner with our customers through the concrete process of their project in a manner that will be enjoyable and optimize their project’s outcome and result, responding promptly to their questions, concerns and needs.
  • Approach all projects with clearly defined goals and expectations for the best outcome and result for all parties involved and to complete all projects in such a professional manner that will not only keep our customers coming back time and time again with their concrete needs, but to welcome their referrals with the same standard of excellence.
  • Recognize that our employees are our most valuable asset by providing them with the support, training and tools needed to work in a respectful and team-oriented environment that they enjoy being a part of. We are committed to supporting this endeavor by attracting, hiring and retaining the best, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and the brightest talent in our industry.
  • Recognize our responsibility to the community and environment by striving for opportunities and procedures to be more “green” with our concrete projects and business practices.

Company Credo:

D&B Concrete’s credo is, “Safety First and Foremost.” We believe that safety is fundamental to our business, and we make every effort to ensure that all safety precautions are taken with each and every project that we do.

Business Philosophy

D&B Concrete maintains a tradition of assuring fair business practices, providing high-quality concrete services on time, providing a safe work environment and successful completion of every project by instilling the following business philosophy:

  • Put our Customers first and foremost and strive to secure their loyalty, confidence and trust through top-quality, concrete service.
  • Embrace excellence and professionalism in every project that we do.
  • Conduct business to earn public respect by making a positive contribution to the communities we serve.
  • Build a proud business legacy for the future through a commitment that sustains our operations and promotes professional growth by focusing on the highest levels of quality craftsmanship and service in the concrete industry today.